The Washington Post Goes OTT

The Washington Post recently launched a major expansion of their video team. We caught up with Micah Gelman, the Post's senior editor and director of video, at our recent OTT Summit. Micah spoke to us about the Post's latest video efforts, and shared some key insights that he and his team have learned along [...]

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Social Media and the News

Over the past few years, we have a seen a shift in the way people access and consume news. After our Social Media and the News panel at NAB Show New York, we caught up with the panelists to discuss the challenges news outlets face, and talk about the ways that broadcasters and [...]

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FM Radio in Smartphones

We spoke to Paul Brenner of NextRadio about his app that allows users to access radio broadcasts over the air in FM enabled smartphones. Using the FM radio, users are able to cut down on both battery life and data costs when compared to streaming.

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Drones and Local Media

Dave Sirak, the director of news technology at WFTV Orlando, helped secure FAA approval for 12 US television stations to use drones for news coverage. In this InnoMinute, we talk to Dave about the potential for local broadcasting and the biggest issues drones face.

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Animating the Universe

At NAB Show 2016, PILOT spoke with David Ladd, multimedia producer and editor of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's Television Department. Ladd and his colleagues at the Goddard Space Flight Center's Television Department create the stunning animations and visualizations of the universe that grace screens around the globe. Ladd spoke about how NASA is adapting [...]

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