FM Radio in Smartphones

We spoke to Paul Brenner of NextRadio about his app that allows users to access radio broadcasts over the air in FM enabled smartphones. Using the FM radio, users are able to cut down on both battery life and data costs when compared to streaming.

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The Next Generation of Emergency Alerting

We recently caught up with John M. Lawson, the executive director of the AWARN Alliance, to find out what emergency alerting will look like when the next generation TV system, ATSC 3.0, arrives.

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The Broadcasters Are Coming (to SVOD)

New streaming video on-demand (SVOD) content platforms like Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Amazon's Fire TV Stick are taking an ever-larger slice of the television market. More consumers, particularly millennials, are moving away from high-cost pay-TV bills and investing in new devices and applications. Over-the-air TV is well positioned to deliver top-tier cord-cutting content Innovative products in

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NABEF Technology Apprenticeship Program

When I first landed in Las Vegas for the 2016 NAB Show, I had no idea how I was going to connect with nine other people from around the country to eventually create an hour-and-a-half long webcast. Then my phone rang while I was walking through the terminal. I was hesitant to answer because it

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Drones and Local Media

Dave Sirak, the director of news technology at WFTV Orlando, helped secure FAA approval for 12 US television stations to use drones for news coverage. In this InnoMinute, we talk to Dave about the potential for local broadcasting and the biggest issues drones face.

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NAB Launches Cybersecurity Portal

On September 13, NAB launched a Cybersecurity Resources portal, in response to the growing cybersecurity threat facing broadcasters. On this portal, we have gathered information and resources that are vital to address the ever changing nature of cyberattacks. The resource page is broken down into three core areas: Broadcaster Resources, Education and Examples of cyberattacks that have

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