The Washington Post Goes OTT

The Washington Post recently launched a major expansion of their video team. We caught up with Micah Gelman, the Post's senior editor and director of video, at our recent OTT Summit. Micah spoke to us about the Post's latest video efforts, and shared some key insights that he and his team have learned along [...]

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Launching Your OTT Service

On Monday January 23, PILOT and the Local Media Association hosted the OTT Summit. Industry thought leaders including Newsy, Calkins Media and BIA/Kelsey discussed the logistics of incorporating over-the-top (OTT) into existing business models and presented case studies that demonstrated how to successfully leverage the technology. We’ve gathered the key takeaways and insights that can [...]

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FM Activation in Smartphones Reaches a Milestone

PILOT has observed the activation of FM reception capabilities in popular smartphones since 2012, and has reported its findings throughout the period. When our analysis began, the percentage of smartphones with FM reception capability was in the single digits. In its most recent report, however, PILOT announces that an important milestone has been reached. In [...]

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Examining Radio displays at the Auto Show

Radio has long been the king of in-car entertainment. In recent years, new audio services have been introduced in automobiles to enhance the driver and passenger experience. The addition of these services means that the once prominent radio dial can be buried behind menu screens in a new user interface. While "radio remains the preferred from of [...]

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