Social Media and the News

Over the past few years, we have a seen a shift in the way people access and consume news. After our Social Media and the News panel at NAB Show New York, we caught up with the panelists to discuss the challenges news outlets face, and talk about the ways that broadcasters and [...]

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Expanding the PILOT Innovation Challenge in 2017

Local broadcasters play a vital role in our communities. They work to deliver the news, weather, emergency information and entertainment people rely on each day. According to a 2016 Pew Research Center report, broadcast remains a dominant source of news for U.S. adults. However, younger adults – those under age 30 – are relying on [...]

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A Broadcaster’s Guide to CES

CES has a well-deserved reputation as the place to see new technology and engage with those creating that technology. Broadcasters’ content is reaching our audience on an increasing number and variety of devices. Therefore, it is ever more important to witness for ourselves the changes occurring in the consumer technology marketplace. The digital dashboard [...]

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FCC Grants 18 Month Extension To Audible Emergency Alerting Rule

On November 16, the FCC granted an 18-month extension of the waiver of its rule requiring television broadcasters to provide an aural representation of visual, non-textual emergency information (such as radar maps or other graphics) on a secondary audio stream during emergency crawls. The original waiver was set to expire on November 26, 2016. Stations [...]

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TV2020 at NAB Show New York

Next Gen TV was the topic of the day for PILOT at NAB Show New York. The TV2020 Conference kicked off this morning with a presentation by Accenture Strategy's Managing Director, Mike Chapman. During his presentation, Mike outlined 4 key imperatives that broadcasters should focus on for next gen TV: Think Beyond 'Towers & TV' Develop [...]

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Today at NAB Show New York:

On Nov. 9 at NAB Show New York our panel discussed how social media predicted the election better than the pollsters and our Innovation Challenge winners spoke at the NAB Education Foundation Innovation Celebration. Innovation Challenge Panel Our Innovation Challenge Winners Robinne Burrell and Trina DasGupta (In Your Shoes), Jordan Sales (History Go) and Chandra Clark (The News Call) took [...]

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