PILOT produces webcasts designed to give you the crucial information you need to run your operation. The webcasts are free to NAB Members and $99 for non-members.

Hundreds of broadcast websites have implemented the new Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) format for fast-loading mobile content which receives special treatment in Google search. However, AMP optimization is a work in progress for many broadcasters – and others are not yet AMP-enabled.

Americans are consuming more audio and video on the go than ever before. With FM radio capability, a mobile device user doesn’t have to stream audio, but receives it over the air for free. During crisis situations when cellular networks can go down, over-the-air radio stays on.

The dashboard today looks nothing like your father’s Oldsmobile.  We’ve entered an exciting time when new features and services are being incorporated to enhance the in-car experience.  What do consumers want in this environment and how will it impact the role that radio plays?

The PILOT Home Gateway

Building off of PILOT’s exciting Home Gateway demo featured at the NAB show in April, So Vang and Azita Manson demonstrate how local stations can easily develop customized services to meet the needs of their audiences.

Cyber Security for Broadcasters

NAB is excited about the release of new targeted resources to keep your facilities safe in a world of cyber attack. Our webcast, Broadcast Cyber Security: The Essentials, provides you with practical, actionable information on how to put a plan in place to keep your business safe.