Have you ever had to keep track of the software versions, license renewal dates and the maintenance status of hundreds of pieces of equipment from different vendors? If you are a broadcast station, chances are the answer is yes, and it’s probably a nightmare. One of the 2021 PILOT Innovation Challenge winners has a product that will help station managers get a better night’s sleep.

Beam Dynamics

BeamON™ from BEAM Dynamics is a product intelligence platform for broadcast stations. The platform bridges the communication barrier between product owners and manufacturers to help broadcast studios reduce costly downtime on set and extend equipment life cycles.

At NAB Show in April 2022, Beam Dynamics will show a full demo of their web platform and simulations of downtime on set to show how Beam can get broadcasters back on air more quickly than their current processes. They will use data and workflows from pilot tests running at several broadcast stations to show real-world examples of how early adopters are reducing downtime on set.

All the Innovation Challenge entries were reviewed by our panel of judges from across the broadcasting industry. For Beam Dynamics, one judge touted the “tremendous value a product like this could have on multiple levels including, and most importantly, business continuity.” Another judge was excited about “all the additional information you could get from organizing this data and leveraging the analytics.”