The Amateur Radio Operators Reception, affectionately known as the HAM Reception, will be held on Tuesday, April 18 at 6 p.m. in room W317-319 of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The reception is free­ of ­charge and open to all attendees of the 2023 NAB Show.

Ham Reception at NAB Show

The HAM Reception is sponsored this year by Turner Engineering, and is one of the most anticipated events of NAB Show. It’s where hundreds of broadcasting’s best and brightest, from company CEOs to shop technicians, spend a relaxed evening talking shop, swapping tales and enjoying the fellowship of the amateur radio community.

This year, our generous donors have contributed door prizes with a combined value of over $15,000. Every attendee is eligible to win a door prize and will receive a raffle ticket upon entry. This year’s prizes include:

  • Yaesu VX-6R dual-band transceiver
  • Gift certificate for four Maine lobsters
  • Meta Quest 2 256 GB virtual reality headset
  • Clearstream 2max indoor/outdoor HDTV antenna
  • Over 30 ARRL books including the 6-volume, 100th edition 2023 ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications

Door prizes

We’d like to thank our sponsor and all of our door prize donors for their generous contributions and encourage anyone who would like to become a part of this tradition to contact NAB Vice President, Advanced Engineering David Layer. Here is a complete list of door prizes and donors for this year’s event:

PrizeQtyDonated by
Clearstream 2max indoor/outdoor HDTV antenna1Antennas Direct
ARRL Extra Class License Manual 12th edition2



License – Ham Radio Spiral 5th Edition2
License: General Class Spiral 9th Edition2
2023 ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications (6 volumes)5
ARRL Antenna Book 24th Edition5
ARRL backpack5
ARRL multi-tool set5
ARRL Operating Manual 12th Edition5
Get on the Air with HF Digital – 2nd Edition5
$50 Honeybaked Ham gift certificate1ATSC
$100 Honeybaked Ham gift certificate1
Azden AZC-201 headset1Azden
Azden AZC-202 headset1
Azden AZC-203 headset1
Studio condenser microphone and stand2Broadcast Electronics
CC Skywave SSB 21C. Crane
CC Radio Solar1
Yaesu VX-6R 430 MHz dual-band transceiver1Cavell, Mertz & Associates
Yaesu FT-60R VHF/UHF dual-band transceiver2
Yaesu FT-65VHF/UHF dual-band transceiver3
Yaesu FT-4X VHF/UHF dual-band transceiver4
Eimac 3CX800A7 triode tube4CPI/Eimac
Meta Quest 2 256 GB1CTA
Gift certificate for four Maine lobsters1Dielectric
ERI notebook1ERI
Radio World t-shirt (Large)10Future Publishing
Heil Sound PR 40 BG Black and Gold microphone1Heil Sound
MFJ-251 Dry Dummy Load – Switchable Impedance – 16.6 / 25 / 50 / 100 / 150 Ohms – DC – 60 MHz – 300 Watts1IEEE Broadcast Technology Society
Model LV16-20-S3 16 uH, 20 amp variable inductor and1Kintronic Labs
Large capacitors3
LG 29” Ultrawide monitor 29WQ5001LG
LG Xboom Go bluetooth speaker1
Baofeng UV82+ HT 2-pack2Merrill Weiss Group
$100 gift certificate1Nemal Electronics
Certificate for one SBE CertPreview test1SBE
Certificate for one SBE webinar1
Gift certificate toward any merchandise in the SBE Store1
Alinco switching power supply 5-15V 30A1Shulins Solutions
Klein Tools LAN Scout Jr. 2 data cable tester2Telos
100 ft of LMR-240 coaxial cable1Times Microwave
100 ft of LMR-400 coaxial cable1
Times-Protect coaxial lightning protector – BTR series1
Times-Protect coaxial lightning protector – GTR series1
Two rolls of Rapid-Tite silicone weather sealing tape1
iHD-ITR1-HD Radio tabletop w/alarm2Xperi