Completion of the new ATSC 3.0 broadcast TV standard is rapidly approaching and this webcast details everything broadcasters need to know about this exciting new technology.

Applications for ATSC 3.0: Webcast

ATSC 3.0 brings together Internet and over-the-air signals with a common IP backbone, allowing for improved emergency alerting, enhanced closed captioning, transmission of video-on-demand content, delivery of 4K Ultra HDTV, personalized and immersive audio and a whole lot more. Learn what type of equipment and workflows your station will need and see how the platform has been utilized during its soft rollout, including a demo and explanation of PILOT Home Gateway. The possibilities are widespread and this webcast will give you insights into just how much ATSC 3.0 can do.

Our Panel Includes:

  • Sandhi Kozsuch, Principal, Strategic & Industry Initiatives, Cox Media Group
  • Madeleine Noland, Consultant, LG Electronics
  • So Vang, Vice President, Advanced Technology, NAB
  • Skip Pizzi, Vice President, Technology, Education and Outreach, NAB (moderator)