Applications for Next Generation TV

On Monday, July 24, 2017, 2-3 p.m. EDT, NAB will present a webcast on the topic of “Applications for ATSC 3.0 – The Next Generation Television Standard.” The webcast will feature a non-technical overview of the capabilities of the Next-Gen standard, intended to inform television producers and managers about what new and enhanced functionality the standard will add to their future content offerings.

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Applications for ATSC 3.0: Webcast

The presentation will include copious demonstrations and examples of possible new content enabled by the Next-Gen standard, given its provision of increased video and audio quality levels, user interactivity and the convergence of over-the-air and online media delivery streams.

An example Next Gen app by News Press Gazette

An example Next Gen app by News Press Gazette

Specific examples of some Next-Gen TV features to be shown during the webcast include targeted advertising, advanced emergency alerting, program-related and non-program-related apps (running on main or secondary screens), and audience measurement.

The webcast will be streamed live, and also available on demand. It is presented free of charge to NAB members, and available for $99 to others.

Presenters scheduled to appear are as follows:

Skip Pizzi, Vice President, Technology, Education and Outreach, NAB

Sandhi Kozsuch, Principal, Strategic and Industry Initiatives, Cox Media Group
Madeleine Noland, Consultant, LG Electronics
So Vang, Vice President, Advanced Technology, NAB

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