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Brian Savoie is the Director of Technology Education and Outreach at the National Association of Broadcasters.

A Broadcaster’s Guide to CES

CES has a well-deserved reputation as the place to see new technology and engage with those creating that technology. Broadcasters’ content is reaching our audience on an increasing number and variety of devices. Therefore, it is ever more important to witness for ourselves the changes occurring in the consumer technology marketplace. The digital dashboard [...]

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NAB Launches Cybersecurity Portal

On September 13, NAB launched a Cybersecurity Resources portal, in response to the growing cybersecurity threat facing broadcasters. On this portal, we have gathered information and resources that are vital to address the ever changing nature of cyberattacks. The resource page is broken down into three core areas: Broadcaster Resources, Education and Examples of cyberattacks that have [...]

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Virtual Reality and the News

Based on the buzz, the world is getting truly excited about the promise of virtual reality. In ways that television and film have only been able to scratch the surface of, VR promises to take us to places that we’ve never been and relate to events in completely new ways. VR is not simply a [...]

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Multiple station STLs hacked; Prepare your station now

On April 5th, listeners to KIFT Breckenridge, Colorado did not hear the normal Top 40 radio that they are accustomed too. Instead, they were exposed to an unauthorized broadcast of the FurCast podcast for approximately 90 minutes. KIFT was not the only station that was hit during this cyberattack. KXAX Livingston, Texas was hacked as [...]

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Are Your Facilities Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

The era when broadcasters could believe they're immune from cyberattacks is over. On April 2015, France’s TV5Monde had all 12 of its broadcast stations knocked off air for 18 hours. French investigators found that the hackers had laid the groundwork for the attack by exploiting systems throughout TV5Monde’s infrastructure as far back as January 2015. TV5Monde’s president, Yves Bigot, [...]