About Skip Pizzi

Skip Pizzi is the Senior Director of New Media Technologies at the National Association of Broadcasters.

First HDR/WCG Television Ecosystem Established

First HDR/WCG Television Ecosystem Established At the 2015 NAB Show, Dolby Laboratories announced that it had established the first video high dynamic range and wide color gamut television ecosystem, combining content creators with a content distributor and TV display manufacturer, all deployed around its proprietary video format called Dolby Vision. The Ultra High-Definition (UHD) video space [...]

Examining Ratings Watermarks: Voltair and the PPM

One of the most notable technology issues in the radio industry recently regards the consistency in performance of Nielsen Audio’s (formerly Arbitron’s) Personal People Meter (PPM) TM audience ratings system across various radio formats and/or different listening environments. Broadcasters have lodged complaints about the PPM’s accuracy in these respects almost since its introduction in 2007, but more recently the concerns [...]

Apple Watch Includes an FM Chip

Teardown analysis of the Apple Watch by ABI Research shows that—like most smartphones—the device includes a connectivity chip that incorporates WiFi, Bluetooth and FM radio capabilities. As in the iPhone, however, the FM capabilities of the connectivity chip are not implemented on the device.