About So Vang

So Vang is the Vice President of Advanced Technology at the National Association of Broadcasters.

TV’s Killer App

On June 1, at 3 p.m. E.D.T, NAB will host a webcast designed to demonstrate the kinds of services and applications that broadcasters can develop using the new ATSC 3.0 standard. In this blog post, NAB’s So Vang and OpenZNet founder Azita Manson provide an overview of what we can expect to see during The [...]

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Broadcast’s Reality May Be Virtual

Broadcast’s Reality May Be Virtual The promise of Virtual Reality has long been the stuff of science fiction. Early VR systems, such as Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, had consumers dreaming of a Star Trek like Holodeck, but left them with Mario Tennis and a headache. Ultimately, the early VR technologies proved to be nothing more [...]

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Broadcast TV and Second Screen Apps

Broadcast TV and Second Screen Apps According to Nielsen, 47% of global respondents say they engage with social media while watching TV programming and 58% say they browse the Internet. A recent Accenture study reports as many as 87% of consumers use a second screen while watching TV. Moreover, Facebook recently announced new APIs that [...]

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New Video Compression Scheme Challenges HEVC

New Video Compression Scheme Challenges HEVC In the past few years, the ISO/MPEG High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC, also known as MPEG-H Part 2 or ITU-R H.265) has established itself as the de facto next-generation video compression standard in virtually all television standards development organizations (SDOs) around the world, including ATSC in the US.  Recently, [...]

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