A Unified Cloud Pipeline for Production, Post, Mastering and Localization Using IMF and Open TimeLine IO

Date: May 13, 2020
Author Name:
  • Richard Welsh | Sundog Media Toolkit Ltd | Bristol, United Kingdom

Abstract: Cloud centric use of IMF, OTLIO and C4ID combine to transform production, post, mastering and localization of content in today's multiplatform and international distribution environment. By leveraging the Interoperable Master Format (IMF), Open TimeLine IO (OTLIO) and other open source and standardized tools such as C4ID Cloud Identifier, a centralized cloud based continuous master can be created. This continuous master can be constantly synchronized with work in progress in editing, visual effects, color grading and sound mixing systems to provide a single centrally available point of collaboration for all parties in production, post, localisation and distribution. This method avoids the requirement for proprietary asset management or file types, and allows creatives and engineers to use the tools they prefer and avoids repeatedly moving assets in and out of cloud. Furthermore it allows a paradigm shift in the localisation and distribution master process which can allow productions the ability to deliver a project almost instantly to any number of platforms, territories and versions once it is complete. This workflow also allows productions to share conformed work in progress versions at any moment during the production/post/versioning life cycle without interrupting progress in any of these processes. This method also has side benefits such as total de-duplication of assets, no vendor or tool lock in for access to assets and the ability to link business systems to the content creation process, thus allowing order-to-delivery automation. This method overall offers benefits in terms of time, cost, operational effectiveness and most importantly creativity. This benefits all types of delivery from movies to episodic, advertising, trailers or any produced content targeting multi platform, domestic and international audiences. It also allows for the latest content trends such as branching storylines and audience interactive content to be stored and accessed in a non proprietary way. The methodology described in this paper provides a step change in managing today's content pipelines and future proofing for next generation workflows.

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