Welcome to the NAB’s Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology (BEIT) Conference Proceedings. The papers offered here were prepared for the annual BEIT Conference at NAB Show, the world’s largest trade show for the media content creation and distribution industry. The Table of Contents for the 2020 BEIT Conference Proceedings is available for review here.

Note that the Proceedings is now only available online—there is no longer any physical format published. Papers can be viewed and/or downloaded below, either individually or as a complete set.

Now in its 74th year, the BEIT Conference’s program is established by the NAB Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference Committee, a rotating group of senior technologists from NAB member organizations, along with representatives from the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE). The most recent BEIT Conference Committee roster is available here.

The content available in the BEIT Conference Proceedings is covered under copyright provisions listed here.

(Note that due to COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 BEIT Conference was not held in Las Vegas as originally scheduled in April 2020. Instead, a virtual event, NAB Show Express, was held online in May 2020. Many of the papers included in the 2020 BEIT Conference Proceedings were presented in the “BEIT Express” track of this virtual event, in the form of slide decks and/or short videos, and these remain available here [free registration].)

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Advanced Advertising Technologies

Addressable TV Over ATSC 3.0: A Dream Come True! - $15

Date: May 13, 2020
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Abstract: In a world where internet advertising has grown steadily and has overtaken TV advertising, this article explores how Addressable TV creates an opportunity to level the playing field. Capitalizing on connectivity, Addressable TV opens up a wide range ...

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