Using Drone Photogrammetry for News

By |April 2, 2019|Blog|

Steve Johnson is the founder of SeeBoundless, a company that innovates news gathering practices, rewrites university courses to include immersive storytelling, and finds new ways for audiences to learn about the world around them. Steve wrote the [...]

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PILOT at CES 2019

By |February 13, 2019|Blog|

PILOT was in attendance at CES this year to checkout the latest tech trends and innovations presenting new opportunities to our industry, including 8K screens, e-sports, AI and radio innovations. 8K Televisions Television set manufacturers [...]

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NHK Launched World’s First 8K Broadcasting in Japan

By |February 13, 2019|Blog|

In this guest blog post, Hirokazu Kamoda from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) writes about the launch of 8K broadcasting in Japan. NHK has showcased its R&D work in developing 8K broadcasting at Futures Park, Powered [...]

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Blockchain and Local Media

By |November 8, 2018|Videos, Blog, InnoMinute|

Blockchain isn't just for crypto currencies. Alanna Gombert, the CEO of the Digital Asset Trade Association, explained how it's time for broadcasters to educate themselves on the ways that blockchain can help them.

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NPG Celebrates Its First Foray into Next Gen TV

By |November 29, 2018|Blog, Television|

News-Press & Gazette (NPG), a privately held media company that owns or operates sixty-four broadcast services and seven newspapers across the Midwest and western U.S., has jumped on the ATSC 3.0 bandwagon by launching a [...]

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PILOT Pitch Prize 2018

By |October 31, 2018|PILOT Pitch Prize, Blog|

PILOT held its first ever Pitch Prize competition at NAB Show NY. Five startups pitched, and three of them -, PolyPort and Teamium - won the prize of a $50,000 investment in SAFE note. The [...]

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