Channeling ATSC 3.0: Less (DTV) is More (NEXTGEN TV)

By |February 24, 2023|Blog|

A previous blog in this series noted that ATSC was engaged in the process of adapting the ATSC-1 DTV standard documentation so that it was compliant with MPEG-4 (also known as AVC) implementations that are known to work in the marketplace with legacy receivers. That work was completed with the approval of A/53 Part3: 2013 Amendment No. 1 “AVC Signal Transport” on February 15, 2023.

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Personalization with DTS AutoStage

By |January 25, 2023|Blog|

The annual CES (formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show) offers an amazing array of new technologies and 2023 was no exception. The new West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center is where automotive [...]

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Looking Forward to 2023

By |December 19, 2022|Blog|

We wanted to know what technologists in our industry are excited about and expect or hope to see in 2023, so we asked the NAB Technology staff and a few other luminaries in the industry if they had anything to share. They did. This compilation of predictions is our way to wrap up 2022 by looking forward to 2023.

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DTS AutoStage Comes to Hyundai

By |December 6, 2022|Blog|

Xperi’s AutoStage is a hybrid (over-the-air plus internet connectivity) radio platform that brings tremendous value to both broadcasters and listeners. The first automaker to sell vehicles with an AutoStage-based infotainment system was Mercedes, introducing this technology with their S-class vehicles in late 2020.

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Finding and Educating Young Engineers

By |October 25, 2022|Blog|

After attending a number of state broadcast association events, NAB CTO Sam Matheny sees a pattern and it is one that highlights a real challenge for our industry. “Where are we going to find the next generation of broadcast engineers?” is a common question at every one of these gatherings.

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AWARN Kicks off Regional Roundtables to “Reboot” the TV Broadcaster-Public Safety Relationship with ATSC 3.0

By |September 28, 2022|Blog|

With its local broadcasting partners, the AWARN Alliance is convening a series of roundtable discussions between local TV stations and local emergency managers – the people who issue emergency alerts. The goal is to lay the groundwork for the voluntary use of NEXTGEN TV Advanced Emergency Information (AEI) and “reboot” the historic relationship between broadcasting and public safety.

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Ultra HD and Over The Top (OTT)

By |August 29, 2022|Blog|

NAB is a charter member of the Ultra HD Forum, an organization devoted to aiding the creation and distribution of Ultra HD content. NAB CTO Sam Matheny believes that Ultra HD is really about better storytelling and bringing the state of the art in terms of picture and sound quality. While NAB's participation has much to do with broadcast over the air (OTA) delivery of Ultra HD content, our members are also delivering content via cable, satellite and over the top (OTT).

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