The Future of News

By |May 1, 2019|Blog, InnoMinute|

Christina Hartman, VP of News and Programming at Newsy, sat down with us at NAB Show to discuss the future of news. Christina talks about the importance of finding active news consumers and [...]

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Blockchain and Local Media

By |November 8, 2018|Blog, InnoMinute, Videos|

Blockchain isn't just for crypto currencies. Alanna Gombert, the CEO of the Digital Asset Trade Association, explained how it's time for broadcasters to educate themselves on the ways that blockchain can help them.

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Technology Indistinguishable from Magic

By |October 25, 2018|Blog, InnoMinute, Videos|

Cyber Illusionist Marco Tempest spoke to us at NAB Show about how he uses magic to push technology to do things it is not quite ready to do. Marco uses drones, augmented reality and robotics to present a bright vision of the future, which he believes will play a massive role in the future of broadcasting.

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