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New Audio Measurement Solution

iHeartMedia joined forces with Cumulus, Entercom, Cox and Sun Broadcast Group to announce a strategic alliance with Shazam for a groundbreaking audio audience measurement solution. Why is it important? The new measurement solution for broadcast and digital audio will integrate these companies’ proprietary data and measurement capabilities to produce the accurate, stable cross-platform audience metrics [...]

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NewsON Expands with Local News Browser

NewsON, the app that delivers local news, has launched a video browser that brings viewers new ways to watch and search for local news content. Why is it important? NewsON's expansion to the web provides another way to make access to local broadcast news easier. Just like the app, it highlights top trending and high profile clips for instant access, as [...]

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Haystack TV Partners with Meredith Corporation

Haystack TV, a personalized video news platform, has partnered with the Meredith Corporation to offer local news on OTT and mobile to 12 million U.S. homes. Why is it important? The way we consume media is changing, with millennials in particular choosing to get their news via OTT services. By partnering with Haystack, Meredith will distribute its local [...]

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E.W. Scripps Buys Podcast Company Stitcher

In June of 2016, E.W Scripps continued its push into podcasting by acquiring Stitcher, the free app that streams more than 65,000 podcasts. Stitcher has 8 million registered users and is installed in about 50 car models. Why is it important? New digital services compete in the space that was once dominated by the AM and FM [...]

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NBC Olympics in 4K

NBC’s coverage of the 2016 Olympics in Rio included distribution of designated events in stunning 4K ultra HDTV. Men's and Women's Olympic Swimming. National Aquatics Center Why is it important? This technology provided viewers with sharper, more realistic images and allowed event producers to manipulate the moving images in iconic and evocative ways [...]

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WRAL Broadcasts ATSC 3.0

On June 29, 2016, WRAL-TV became the first commercially-licensed television station to broadcast its news under next-generation standards, ATSC 3.0. WRAL launched the new station with a 4K/UHD documentary followed by the WRAL live news. Why is it important? ASTC 3.0 is the next-generation broadcast platform. The standard will provide higher quality broadcasting pictures, better indoor [...]

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Scripps Expands Mobile Weather Offering

Scripps acquired WeatherSphere in October 2014  to build out the commitment it made to mobile consumer applications and weather when it started its own award-winning app, StormShield. Photo: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos GFDL License Why is it important? Broadcasters have been the number one source for weather for 50 years, and WeatherSphere provides a way for broadcasters to reach [...]

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Sinclair Broadcasting Relaunches Circa

Sinclair Broadcasting bought Circa, a mobile-first news site in March 2015, and relaunched the site in June of 2016. Circa provides credible news to Millennials in a way that they like to consume content. Some unique features include a “follow me” feature users can customize, as well breaking news updates in real time. Why is it [...]

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iHeartMedia HD Radio Data Services for Traffic and Weather

iHeartMedia enables the delivery of traffic information over a wide variety of transmission types. This includes FM-band HD Radio Supplemental Data Services implemented with Toyota/Lexus as well as the Traffic Service over the Radio Data System (RDS) FM data subcarrier with BMW, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, TomTom and many more. These traffic information services are [...]

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Artist Experience Over HD Radio

Numerous FM-band digital radio broadcasters in the U.S. have implemented the HD Radio feature “Artist Experience,” the transmission, delivery and display of album art and other images on HD Radio receivers equipped to support this feature. These images are synchronized with the program audio and are related to the specific audio segment being heard. Why [...]

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