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LiveU Enables Lightweight Reporting during Wildfires

The LiveU smartphone app allows broadcasters to capture and transmit high-quality live video over IP. When the NBC 4 news team in Los Angeles California covered the Springs wildfire, they were separated from their SNG truck and most of their live broadcasting equipment. They were able to cover the fire live with a smartphone and the [...]

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Nexstar Launches Lakana

On March 31, 2015, Nexstar Broadcasting Group combined existing digital assets into a new operation, LAKANA, that offers publishers a variety of multiplatform digital technologies to capitalize on the growing demand for digital publishing services. Nexstar’s three digital publishing firms — Internet Broadcasting, EndPlay and Inergize Digital — have been combined into LAKANA, giving [...]

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Total Cast

Founded in 2013, TotalCast is a TV Everywhere solution delivering live local channels to cell phones and tablets. TotalCast’s patented geofencing technology ensures local affiliate streams stay within each local TV market, respecting content distribution agreements and allowing additive TV monetization. TotalCast was developed by Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc. in 2007 to help it manage Internet content distribution [...]

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Iowa Public TV Advances Early Learning

Iowa Public Television (IPTV) has deployed an extensive community-based early learning effort known as Ready for School. Ready for School seeks to use educational media to increase the early literacy and math skills of economically deprived children ages 2-8. This relates to the more than 12 hours of children’s educational programming that IPTV broadcasts each day. [...]

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Scripps’ Newsy Reaches Gen Y via OTT

Scripps-owned Newsy (purchased in December 2013) has sharpened its focus on OTT digital video platforms. More millennials are turning to OTT services for their news and entertainment, and Scripps intends to lead the development of future news brands for younger audiences. Why is it important? While younger media consumers aren’t necessarily tuning into traditional media news [...]

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Scripps Acquires podcast company Midroll

In July 2015, Scripps acquired Midroll Media, a leading podcasting company, to accelerate leadership in the spoken word and audio streaming space. Midroll Media is a major player in the podcast space and operates a major sponsorship network that helps monetize more than 200 shows, including “StartUp” and “Nerdist.” Midroll finds creative content and business strategies [...]

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New Business Model for Digital Broadcast Media In January 2014, E.W. Scripps-operated became the first TV-based local media digital business wrapped in a membership and paid content strategy. Why is it important? Television should not allow newspapers to own the digital news consumer seeking depth, perspective and analysis, nor should broadcasters cede business-to-consumer relationships. Read more about this story at NiemanLab. [...]

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Coalition Launch

A coalition of 15 broadcasters, print, and online publishers are working on a testing program through the FAA’s test site at Virginia Tech for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – or “drones” – for news gathering.  The research testing launched June 16, 2015, and lets groups of journalists learn to safely fly [...]

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NextRadio: FM via Cellular

NextRadio is a smartphone app that uses the phone’s built-in FM Chip for audio and the phone’s data channel to deliver a rich, interactive artist, station and advertising experience. Why it's Important NextRadio is the first truly traditional radio platform (outside the car or home) that provides access to [...]

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WBT(AM) All Digital HD Radio Transmission

Greater Media’s WBT(AM) was the first class A station in the U.S. (and likely the world) to transmit in all-digital HD mode. They are also the only station to date to accomplish digital AM transmission via “skywave,” which enables clear and broader transmissions of signals. Photo: David Layer Why is it important? These [...]

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