DTS to acquire HD Radio developer iBiquity

DTS to acquire HD Radio developer iBiquity Yesterday the radio industry awoke to a surprise with the announcement that audio solutions company DTS, Inc., is acquiring digital radio pioneer iBiquity Digital Corporation for approximately $172 million. iBiquity, the developer of HD Radio technology for the AM and FM radio bands, has seen its technology [...]

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The Future We See in Antenna

The Future We See in Antenna Online and social-media comments can be great, but rarely does someone have the time to read or write one of high quality. For that reason, when we discovered the Antenna platform, we found its value proposition too compelling to ignore. Antenna’s platform elevates online engagement by allowing users [...]

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An Exciting Future for Radio

An Exciting Future for Radio It’s not too often that the radio industry gets to focus on new technologies. Recently we have seen some big changes in the way consumers enjoy radio and their expectations for the medium. These changes are driving radio innovation. The Radio Show is an annual event presented by the [...]

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Momentum Grows for FM in Smartphones

Momentum Grows for FM in Smartphones There’s been good news recently for advocates of activating FM radio receivers in smartphones. First came the announcement by AT&T Wireless—the #2 wireless carrier in the U.S.—that it will request its Android phone manufacturers to activate FM reception capability on all their devices in 2016 and beyond. Next, [...]

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FCC and Broadcasters Focusing on Field Enforcement

FCC and Broadcasters Focusing on Field Enforcement Last March the FCC put forth what turned out to be a controversial plan to modernize and reduce the Commission’s field enforcement activities, resulting in significant review and comment by industry stakeholders as well as members of the U.S. Congress. In the midst of these discussions about [...]

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RDS2 Demonstrated at 2015 RDS Forum Meeting

RDS2 Demonstrated at 2015 RDS Forum Meeting For nearly three decades the Radio Data System (RDS) digital FM subcarrier has been providing FM broadcasters the ability to transmit a digital data stream to listeners. Developed in Europe, RDS was slow to take hold in the U.S. at first, but the introduction of digital radio [...]

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Low-power FM Proponents Seek Power Increase

Low-power FM Proponents Seek Power Increase Low-power FM (LPFM) stations are increasing in number as a result of the FCC’s October 2013 filing window for new LPFM applications. The most recent “ Broadcast Totals” published by the FCC (dated March 31, 2015) show 1,029 licensed LPFM stations which is an increase of 255 from one [...]

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Examining Ratings Watermarks: Voltair and the PPM

One of the most notable technology issues in the radio industry recently regards the consistency in performance of Nielsen Audio’s (formerly Arbitron’s) Personal People Meter (PPM) TM audience ratings system across various radio formats and/or different listening environments. Broadcasters have lodged complaints about the PPM’s accuracy in these respects almost since its introduction in 2007, but more recently the concerns [...]

Apple Watch Includes an FM Chip

Teardown analysis of the Apple Watch by ABI Research shows that—like most smartphones—the device includes a connectivity chip that incorporates WiFi, Bluetooth and FM radio capabilities. As in the iPhone, however, the FM capabilities of the connectivity chip are not implemented on the device.

Welcome to Pilot

What’s next? It sounds odd – perhaps inappropriate – to start an introduction with a question, but in this case it’s fitting. It’s the fundamental question we at PILOT are wrestling with for our industry. What’s next for broadcasters? We have unparalleled opportunities to advance how we serve our audiences. The combination of traditional and digital media offers broadcasters a unique advantage to address how we can best engage with consumers as well as distributing, measuring and monetizing content. We’ve launched PILOT to explore the answers to these questions with the people directly and indirectly involved. This new initiative creates opportunities for people to engage and develop solutions that benefit our consumers, industry, and members. PILOT is an evolution of NAB Labs that will explore digital technologies, while continuing to build on the advances made by NAB Labs.

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