Animating the Universe

By |July 5, 2016|Videos, Blog, InnoMinute, Television|

At NAB Show 2016, PILOT spoke with David Ladd, multimedia producer and editor of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's Television Department. Ladd and his colleagues at the Goddard Space Flight Center's Television Department create the [...]

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Understanding License Fees

By |June 20, 2016|Blog, Television|

For a content owner, getting paid a license fee used to be a very simple equation of (rate) x (subs).  But with numerous types of rates now, numerous types of subscribers, a fast evolving technology [...]

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Best in Show: Highlights from NAB Show 2016

By |April 21, 2016|Blog, Radio, Television|

It's been another great year at NAB Show. Each day we've provided highlights from the show, and today we're capping off our week with some of our favorites. Ang Lee Ang Lee discussed his vision for cinema and the [...]

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Today at NAB Show

By |April 16, 2016|Blog, Radio, Television|

Ang Lee Ang Lee discussed his vision for cinema and the creative opportunities for the future of film making as a part of The Future of Cinema Conference. "When you shoot, you're just doing grocery shopping. It's in [...]

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Futures Park 2016

By |April 8, 2016|Blog, Digital, Radio, Television|

Futures Park is a special section of the NAB Show exhibition that is reserved for presentation of media-related research and development projects from around the world. NAB supplies complimentary exhibit space to all organizations accepted for participation. [...]

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