Cox Analytics for Broadcast helps marketers target consumers and improve ads’ effectiveness.

Cox Media Group

CMG’s Cox Analytics for Broadcast platform provides insights that reap more informed marketing decisions

With advertisers increasingly expecting higher ROI, Cox Media Group (CMG) has rolled out a new insights tool that provides information radio marketers need to make their most informed and highest yielding decisions.

Through rich audience data and insights, Cox Analytics for Broadcast helps advertisers target active consumers in their product category as well as track the effectiveness of their campaigns through detailed analysis of their website traffic. That results in ad buyers making more informed and calculated marketing decisions.

The insights platform analyzes the behavior of on-air and social media audience as well as first-party data and advertising scheduling to understand how radio advertising influences consumer actions.

“Our mission is to provide our customers the most innovative tools to measure the success of their media and marketing,” said CMG vice president of Radio Tim Clarke. “Our solution illustrates the incredible innovation that data has ignited throughout our industry. We’re better able to measure the effects of radio on the consumer journey, providing insightful data to optimize and enhance radio advertising. Several early customers are thrilled to have this at their fingertips, strengthening their partnership with CMG and their trust in radio to drive ROI for their business.”

While broadcasters have long used data to measure results, Cox’s tool furthers the process by adding social media to the monitoring mix. Doing that enables Cox’s radio division, which owns over 60 stations, to glean pertinent insights from its vast online audiences as well as offline.

Results are collected by combing listener data with social audiences, leading to a clearly defined, hyper-specific audience for radio advertisers to target. These numbers are then generated through a custom dashboard, which allows advertisers to improve performance and understand what is driving their results.

The new capabilities are designed to boost radio advertising by enabling clients to better target and reach audiences, measure the effectiveness of audience segments, attribute actions taken by consumers and provide insightful research and data to boost ROI.