On September 13, NAB launched a Cybersecurity Resources portal, in response to the growing cybersecurity threat facing broadcasters. On this portal, we have gathered information and resources that are vital to address the ever changing nature of cyberattacks.


The resource page is broken down into three core areas: Broadcaster Resources, Education and Examples of cyberattacks that have impacted broadcasters around the world.

Included in the Broadcaster Resources section, we have aggregated corporate and government resources. On this page, you can find resources like Verisign’s DDoS Trend Report, Kaspersky’s Real-time Cyberthreat map and the FCC’s Small Business Cyberplanner. Of particular note are NAB’s two cybersecurity white papers: Essential Guide to Broadcast Cybersecurity, as well as, 35 Critical Cybersecurity Activities.

Educating ourselves and our coworkers plays a critical role in addressing cybersecurity issues. In the Education section, we have provided access to the NAB produced Broadcast Cybersecurity: The Essential’s webcast. This webcast discusses, at a high level, the fundamental aspects that broadcast operations need to have in place to prepare for a cyberattack. We are currently working on a whole host of offerings in this area to enhance your knowledge and that of our colleagues.

Lastly, we have provided links to press articles about cyberattacks that have impacted broadcasters around the world. This is not a comprehensive list, but serves as a guide to the types of attacks that broadcasters have been subjected to.

This portal will evolve over time and we need your help. If there are resources that have guided you in the area of cybersecurity, please share those with us.