Edge Technology for Broadcasters

In partnership with PILOT Member Verizon Media, we commissioned Kearney to explore the attitudes and expertise from a variety of executives in TV, radio and digital video and audio to provide insight into the future impact of edge technologies on the broadcast industry. The study also examines where edge technologies could fit into a broadcaster’s operations, from content creation to delivery and distribution to users’ consumption and experience.

When applied to broadcasting, edge is defined as data and compute processing at the tail end of a broadcaster’s IP-based networks, including next- generation terrestrial and digital, with processing on the devices themselves for select applications.”

The research yielded more than two dozen use cases that are ripe for transformation by edge. The use cases span all parts of the broadcasting business – from creating content to distribution to measurement.

The Future of Media Innovation on the Edge” was published on April 21, 2021


The researchers discussed the report’s findings during a session at NAB Show Premiere on April 21, 2021. Watch the recording of that discussion on NAB Amplify.

Verizon Media