Entercom Audience Analytics uses data to show advertisers what components of campaigns do or don’t work.

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With Entercom Audience Analytics, advertises can see the correlation between radio spots and consumer action

One of the radio industry’s biggest boosters, Entercom Communications, has partnered with broadcast analytics platform AnalyticOwl to launch a new tool designed to prove the effectiveness of on-air advertising.

The tool, called Entercom Audience Analytics, helps track and quantify the impact that radio advertising campaigns have on web conversions and online lift.

Data collected through the tool also enables Entercom to provide advertisers with the advanced analytic insights that show what facets of ads — copy, airtime and offers among them — resonate with consumers. The aggregated data can also be used to provide clients with expected performance metrics and best practices.

The launch of Audience Analytics is part of an overarching effort by Entercom on behalf of the industry to woo marketers back to the medium, which gets a disproportionately low percentage of ad spend. Proving its value is a big part of doing that, according to Entercom, which became the country’s second largest radio company with its 2017 acquisition of CBS Radio.

“Entercom Audience Analytics has been a game changer for Entercom and for the radio industry,” said Entercom chief revenue officer Bob Philips. “Broadcast attribution is critically important at a time when advertisers want to know how their campaigns are performing.

“The directional insights we’re able to provide create a truly consultative relationship with our partners and helps them achieve better returns on their advertising investment. Along the way, we’re able to instill a level of confidence in the medium that helps attract and retain new and existing advertisers,” he said.