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Futures Park is a special section of the NAB Show convention floor in Las Vegas that is reserved for presentation of media-related research and development projects from around the world.

We only accept R&D projects that have not yet made their way to commercial availability. Our exhibitors represent the edge-of-the-art media technologies. They are selected by PILOT from governmental, academic and commercial media research facilities for their relevance and interest to broadcasters.

Here are the 2017 Futures Park exhibitors.

The AMWA provides leadership and technical expertise to help both end users and suppliers collaborate to improve their business. The group will show the latest developments of its Networked Media Incubator project and recently launched AMWA Labs initiative. (USA)


Booth: N1539FP

Ambidio is an innovative sound company. It easily enables an immersive sound experience for everyone through stereo speakers, and enhances the storytelling capability of sound. Booth visitors will see and hear how Ambidio technology can be utilized in the industries of content creation and delivery. (USA)


Booth: N825FP

Astrapi has forty patents issued and pending, was awarded a National Science Foundation grant, and has been accepted as a member of the National Spectrum Consortium. It will present advancements to Spiral Communication: Instantaneous Spectral Analysis and two derivatives, Waveform Bandwidth Compression and Spiral Polynomial Division Multiplexing. (USA)

This special pavilion within the 2017 Futures Park features 10 individual ATSC members or contributors, each showing ATSC 3.0-related developments. Exhibitors include BBC (N828FP), BitRouter (N627FP), DekTec Digital Video (N827FP), Dolby Labs/Telos Alliance/Source Digital (N928FP), ENENSYS Technologies (N328FP), Eurofins Digital Testing (N528FP), Harmonic (N628FP), NERC/SJTU (N527FP), Triveni Digital (N927FP) and Unisoft (N327FP). (International)


Booth: N2035FP

b<>com is an innovation center and tech provider. Its 230 researchers work in 3 main fields—hypermedia, networks and security, and e-health. In this exhibit, it introduces new technologies for better immersive experiences: SDR-to-HDR conversion for production, VR 360° audio, Cloud-based Video and audio processing, and Watermarking for distribution. (France)

Cubic Motion

Booth: N925FP

Cubic Motion will be demonstrating award-winning technology for live performance-driven animation of digital characters. (UK)

Emblematic Group

Booth: N324FP

Emblematic is one of the world’s foremost producers of virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Its team of award-winning filmmakers, journalists, designers and game developers lead the industry in creating fully immersive environments that place the user inside the scene, allowing them to move through, interact and play with the story. (USA)

The Framework for Interoperable Media Services will show the next generation of service-based architecture for audiovisual production, designed to adapt agile workflows to rapidly changing business needs. Sponsors of FIMS are AMWA and the EBU. (USA/Switzerland)

Korea UHD

Booth: N1134FP

This pavilion presents equipment from several organizations demonstrating working, end-to-end solutions for ATSC 3.0 UHD television broadcasting. (Republic of Korea)


Booth: N1532FP

Minglvision provides a cutting-edge broadcasting platform that gives the sport fans a completely personalized viewing experience, which boosts engagement and prolongs viewing times. Broadcasters can also access accurate usage analytics for individual or groups of viewers in real-time. (UK)

Motion Impossible

Booth: N625FP

Motion Impossible provides solutions for remotely moving and stabilizing cameras for the broadcast, film, TV, and in particular the 360° and VR filming industries. In this exhibit it will present new development on the Mantis Studio Pro, a significant, yet-to-be-released upgrade of the original Mantis product. (UK)

MxR at the University of Southern California explores techniques and technologies to improve the fluency of human-computer interactions and create visceral synthetic experiences. Research and prototypes focus on immersive systems for education and training simulations that incorporate both real and virtual elements. Projects push the boundaries of immersive experience design. (USA)

NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster, presents an 8K Super Hi-Vision theater with 350” screen, future living rooms with 8K displays and 22.2 multichannel sound, 8K codec for contribution, a real-time MTF measurement system, audio description system and Augmented TV. The 8K content shown in the theater includes sports, arts and music. (Japan)


Booth: N1538FP

MetaPub is a proprietary API developed by the Public Radio Satellite System (PRSS) that enhances broadcast radio in real time by providing synchronized text and images within radio broadcasts. Stations can deliver this dynamic metadata (via FM RDS or other means) to identify individual stories or segments within radio programs. (USA)


Booth: N2138FP

OpenZNet is a software company creating the first ATSC 3.0 reference software, bringing ATSC 3.0 closer to reality for broadcasters and advertisers. OpenZNet demonstrates capabilities of the ATSC 3.0 interactive application environment on the PILOT Gateway, including targeted and local advertising, product placements, program-based interactivity, social media, games and weather. (USA)


Booth: N1838FP

PILOT, NAB Technology’s innovation, incubation, testing and education engine, is a coalition of innovators, educators and advocates dedicated to advancing broadcast technology and cultivating new media opportunities. It will demonstrate its latest work on the ATSC 3.0 Home Gateway and development of interactive content examples for that platform. (USA)

PILOT presents annual prizes to winners of its Innovation Challenge, which launched in 2016. The inaugural winners of the Innovation Challenge are described in this exhibit, along with details and application information for the Challenge’s next round, which is now open. (USA)


Booth: N1639FP

ReCAP is a consortium of European companies that has recently received funding from the European Union to develop a Real-time Content, Analysis and Processing (ReCAP) software platform. The consortium includes the companies NMR, ToolsOnAir, nablet and Joanneum Research. (UK, Austria, Germany)

RIT Motion Picture Science students will discuss their research projects, which focus on: High framerate psychophysics and human vision temporal mapping; Virtual Reality system design and 360° storytelling development; 3D animation software workflow color-management assessment; Technicolor 3-strip color digital emulation; and simultaneous localization and mapping algorithm study. (USA)


Booth: N824FP

StratusCore is a content-production technology company moving digital production into the cloud. New tools in development are shown, which will remove complexity and inefficiency from digital content creation via on-demand tools and services, and provide access to a community connecting artists and productions via secure cloud rendering and asset exchange. (USA)

Ultra HD Forum

Booth: N1131FP

The Ultra HD Forum presents several UHD interoperability demos showing how different versions of HDR can be made to work seamlessly on different TV sets today. Additional demos of what UHD will offer consumers in the future will also be shown. (International)


Booth: N1638FP

Vicomtech-IK4 presents a solution for broadcasters and producers that enables live and on-demand presentation of multiscreen services within a television program. The project is the evolution of a European research project called MediaScape that concluded in 2016. (Spain)