FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Speaks to Broadcasters, David Copperfield Tours Show Floor, BEITC Continues

Another exciting day is in the books at NAB Show. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai kicked things off, speaking to a packed crowd on industry issues including the incentive auction, AM revitalization and his plans for the FCC. Pai called for a new spirit of cooperation between the FCC and broadcasters, saying “This FCC will go where the facts and the law lead.” Pai said that as chairman, he will do his best to “…get the unnecessary rules out of the way, so that broadcasters can rev the engine of the US communication machine.”

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai speaking at NAB Show

NAB CTO Sam Matheny and EVP, Television Marcellus Alexander meets FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

Renowned performer David Copperfield dropped by for a tour of the show floor today as well, checking out the latest tech exhibits including VR, the Next Gen Hub and NHK’s 8K theater in Futures Park.

David Copperfield and Sam Matheny at NHK’s 8K Theatre in Futures Park

David Copperfield, John Clark and Sam Matheny at the Next Gen TV Hub

In the conference rooms, Lynn Claudy was joined by Sammo Cho, SBS; Lynn Lin, National Engineering Research Center (NERC-DTV), Peter MacAvock, DVB; Tomohiro Saito, NHK; Jerry Whitaker, Advanced Television Systems Committee; in the Broadcasting Beyond HD: Global Plans for Next Generation Television session presented by FOBTV.

Lynn Claudy at FOBTV session

Join us today for the NASA Live 4K stream from the international space station, with NASA Commander Peggy Whitson, the annual tech lunch with Tim Wu and the ever-popular 2017 Amateur Radio Operators Reception.

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