EAS TestIn a letter sent May 3, 2021 to the FCC, the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) announced it has selected Wednesday, August 11, 2021 to hold the next national EAS test. FEMA proposes to conduct this test at 2:20 p.m. EDT (18:20 GMT). The test message will use the National Periodic Test (NPT) event code and be geo-targeted using the All-US (000000) geocode. The letter states that the test will be originated through Primary Entry Point stations in order to determine the capability of the EAS to deliver messages to the public in event that dissemination via internet is not available.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 has been selected as a back-up date should conditions preclude conducting the test on August 11. FEMA stated that it intends to also conduct a Nationwide Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) test at the same time as the EAS test. The last nationwide EAS test was held on August 7, 2019. The report on that test can be found here.