iHeartMedia HD Radio Data Services for Traffic and Weather

iHeartMedia enables the delivery of traffic information over a wide variety of transmission types. This includes FM-band HD Radio Supplemental Data Services implemented with Toyota/Lexus as well as the Traffic Service over the Radio Data System (RDS) FM data subcarrier with BMW, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, TomTom and many more. These traffic information services are part of the Total Traffic & Weather Network owned by iHeartMedia.

Total Traffic & Weather Network

Why is it important?

iHeartMedia’s traffic and weather services effectively utilizes the advanced data service capabilities available to both analog and digital FM radio broadcasters.

The partnerships iHeartMedia has built as part of this process with both data service providers and automakers help to position terrestrial radio favorably for cost-effective and widespread delivery of time-critical information to consumers.

These services showcase the various ways broadcasters are getting critical information to the public.

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