The music streaming platform launched a service to provide listeners with new personalized playlists complete with new and trending music every Monday.

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iHeartRadio’s personalized playlists leverage the appeal of mixtapes

This summer, iHeartRadio  responded to consumers clamoring for high-tech personalization, as well as all those memories of putting together recordings of your favorite songs, by launching a feature leveraging the appeal of old-fashioned mixtapes without the work.

The offering, called Your Weekly Mixtape, provides listeners with weekly playlists consisting of 30 to 75 songs tailored to users based on individual preferences logged over time. Released every Monday, the collections feature new releases as well as trending music in line with listeners’ tastes.

Once the playlists are issued, consumers are able to customize them even more: they’re able to change the order of the tracks on the mixtape, in keeping with what iHeartRadio allows users to do with any of their playlists on the platform. The service is available to all of iHeartRadio’s registered users, subscribers and listeners of the platform’s ad-supported offering as well.

The weekly mixtape could be a multi-faceted win for iHeartRadio, as it has 21st century tech appeal while also rousing the nostalgic appeal of compiling and listening to your favorite tunes, reprising the role radio played in exposing us to the latest and greatest hits, no matter the era. It also embodies iHeartRadio’s continued expansion to keep pace with the demands of consumers, many of whom now see music personalization and discovery features as central to their listening experience.