Traffic Watch 7 allows users to tap into traffic information pertinent to their favorite routes.


The Traffic Watch 7 app provides users tools to customize the experience

As any commuter well knows, being stuck in traffic is the worst, especially when it feels like there is no good way to get from here to there. Recently, however, Sinclair’s ABC affiliate in Washington, WJLA-TV, began trying to ease that pain with a new app designed to give time wasted on the road back to drivers.

The app, Traffic Watch 7, aims to do that by providing users the tools they need to create personalized routes for their daily commutes. Built in partnership with the specialty tech company TrafficCarma, the app leverages real-time data as well as input from people on the road to provide users the most accurate, and up-to-date information out there.

Features include a personalized home screen, providing users the most relevant information and best route options; one-touch access to real-time traffic information about users’ saved places; community input about accidents, construction and weather and customized audio traffic reports and incident alerts.

The app’s “save last drive” feature allows users to create and save their favorite routes, backroads and all, so they can get information on the roads they like to drive vs. the ones an app tells them to take.

“Combining information from street level and major roadways, Traffic Watch 7 provides route options, real time arrival information and incident reports,” said Dan Mellon, WJLA’s general manager. “All this current info helps viewers get from their homes to any destination quickly and safely.”