Local radio and television broadcasters continually develop and invest in new technologies that allow them to provide the news, entertainment and emergency information viewers and listeners rely on every day. Through innovation, local broadcasters keep communities safe, informed and entertained. With social media, over-the-air broadcasts, internet services, mobile applications and other emerging technologies, broadcast innovators are able to identify and create new opportunities to deliver these services to their communities.

Enhanced Broadcast Radio

Developed by Emmis, the NextRadio app allows mobile consumers to listen to live, local FM radio on FM-enabled smartphones. Users also receive supporting information like album art, program information and metadata over the [...]

The Power of Next Gen TV

WRAL used the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang to showcase the capabilities of Next Gen TV. This Innovation Story epitomizes the power of the new standard, with 4k content, multi-platform delivery and interactive features. [...]

WCBS’s Drone Force 2

CBS flagship WCBS-TV New York has been maximizing the use of drones in news-gathering since launching its fleet of five of them in September 2016. The drones, branded “Drone Force 2,” allow the [...]