Local radio and television broadcasters continually develop and invest in new technologies that allow them to provide the news, entertainment and emergency information viewers and listeners rely on every day. Through innovation, local broadcasters keep communities safe, informed and entertained. With social media, over-the-air broadcasts, internet services, mobile applications and other emerging technologies, broadcast innovators are able to identify and create new opportunities to deliver these services to their communities.

Sinclair/Nexstar ATSC 3.0 Consortium

Two big boosters of Next Generation TV, Sinclair and Nexstar, created a consortium – open to other broadcasters as well – aimed at promoting opportunities with Next Gen TV. The joint venture is focused on [...]

Watermark Testing for Next-Gen TV

A consortium of broadcasters is collaborating with software company Verance to conduct an on-air test of an audio watermarking solution that will help broadcasters tailor their content towards viewers and better measure activity. The solution [...]

iHeartRadio and Alexa

"Within five years, voice will be ubiquitous,” says Steven Radley, SVP Product Innovation at iHeartRadio. In this Innovation Story, Radley explains how the iHeartRadio app has expanded to smart speaker platforms like Alexa [...]

NPG and Next Gen TV

Jim DeChant, the VP of Technology at News-Press Gazette talks about the benefits of Next Gen TV, and the ways that NPG are planning to implement the standard.