Local radio and television broadcasters continually develop and invest in new technologies that allow them to provide the news, entertainment and emergency information viewers and listeners rely on every day. Through innovation, local broadcasters keep communities safe, informed and entertained. With social media, over-the-air broadcasts, internet services, mobile applications and other emerging technologies, broadcast innovators are able to identify and create new opportunities to deliver these services to their communities.

Video Call Center

Video Call Center (VCC) makes live video caller TV (think radio call-in shows with pictures) a reality on broadcast, cable, online and on Facebook Live. By tying smartphones into live TV, VCC allows broadcasters to [...]


Based at the Hearst Tower in New York, HearstLab is a greenhouse for nurturing women-led startups in their early stages. With a focus on startups offering innovations in media, business information and technology, [...]

KNXV Phoenix’s Next-Level Digital-First Newsroom

In June 2015, KNXV started producing digital content as the centerpiece of newsroom operations. Doing so required sweeping changes in workflow, job descriptions and traditional broadcast journalism mindset. That included merging the station’s traditional news [...]

TEGNA Media’s Verify

In May 2017, TEGNA’s TV stations started delving into the real story behind a host of topics based on viewer requests, from curiosities to weighty local and national issues. The fact-checking initiative, called Verify, grew [...]