Improving Digital FM Radio

An HD Radio in-band/on-channel (IBOC) hybrid radio signal includes both analog and digital signal components (see figure). One important aspect of the signal design is how well the digital portion of the signal replicates the coverage of the legacy, analog portion.

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Recapping the Global Digital Terrestrial Transmission Workshop

The Global Digital Terrestrial Transmission Workshop was held July 19-21 in Busan, Korea. It featured expert speakers from Korea, India, Brazil, Japan, U.S., Canada, Europe, China and the greater APAC region. The workshop featured two and a half days of presentations on a wide range of issues related to the next generation of broadcasting.

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Driving an EV in Detroit

Both Detroit and AM radio have been hot news topics lately as the broadcasting industry and others respond to the automotive industry’s decisions on removing AM radio from some vehicles, electric vehicles (EVs) in particular. David Layer had the opportunity to visit Detroit in early June for AutoTech: Detroit 2023 and decided to rent an EV and see what the radio listener and EV rental customer experience would be like in Motor City.

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Triveni Digital, PBS North Carolina and Device Solutions Named Winners of the 2023 NAB Technology Innovation Award

Triveni Digital, PBS North Carolina and Device Solutions won the NAB Technology Innovation Award at the 2023 NAB Show for their demonstration of “An ATSC 3.0 Solution for Emergency Paging,” exhibited in the PBS North Carolina booth (W4107) in the NAB PILOT Futures Park exhibit area. The award was presented at the NAB PILOT Futures Park press conference on Monday April 17.

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ONE Media’s Liam Power Wins the 2023 NAB Best Paper Award

Liam Power, systems engineer at ONE Media, LLC, won the NAB Best Paper Award at the 2023 NAB Show for his paper “Audio Services Over ATSC 3.0: A Proof of Concept.” The award was presented at the Opening Session of the NAB Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology (BEIT) Conference on Saturday, April 15. Liam will [...]

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