BPS Testing is Underway – A Progress Report Q2 2024

As previously covered, the Broadcast Positioning System (BPS) uses ATSC 3.0 to deliver a complementary position, navigation and timing (PNT) solution to augment GPS. Following lab testing in 2023, BPS was deployed on a live broadcast station in the Washington, D.C., market. Having BPS on the air allows for comprehensive validation and testing, and the NAB Technology team is proud to report on some of the initial test results.

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BPS: Solar Storms Offer Timely Reminder of the Need

While many people are focused on man-made threats to GPS such as acute spoofers and jammers, or even Russian space nukes, the sun can be a formidable adversary to reliable timing too.  And U.S. critical infrastructure such as the power grid, cellular telecommunications, and financial data centers all rely on GPS for their timing and reliable operations.

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The 2024 NAB Technology Innovation Award Winner is Ahead of the Game

Xperi Inc. won the NAB Technology Innovation Award at the 2024 NAB Show for their demonstration of “in-vehicle gaming features for DTS AutoStageTM” being exhibited at the Xperi booth (W3532) in the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The award was presented at the NAB PILOT Futures Park press conference on Monday April 15.

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NAB Best Paper Award Winner Represents a Crowning Achievement

The NAB Best Paper Award at the 2024 NAB Show was presented to a collection of 15 authors from Strathclyde University, Neutral Wireless Ltd, and several divisions of the BBC for their paper “Using a Private 5G Network to Support the International Broadcast of the Coronation of HM King Charles III.”

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The Human-Machine-AI Symphony of Storytelling

The 2024 NAB Show will be a stage for a remarkable performance – a symphony of human creativity, machine power and artificial intelligence (AI). This isn't a battle for dominance; it's a powerful new act in the ever-evolving story of media creation. AI isn't here to replace the irreplaceable human touch – it's here to become a vital partner in the creative trilogy.

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