Finding and Educating Young Engineers

After attending a number of state broadcast association events, NAB CTO Sam Matheny sees a pattern and it is one that highlights a real challenge for our industry. “Where are we going to find the next generation of broadcast engineers?” is a common question at every one of these gatherings.

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AWARN Kicks off Regional Roundtables to “Reboot” the TV Broadcaster-Public Safety Relationship with ATSC 3.0

With its local broadcasting partners, the AWARN Alliance is convening a series of roundtable discussions between local TV stations and local emergency managers – the people who issue emergency alerts. The goal is to lay the groundwork for the voluntary use of NEXTGEN TV Advanced Emergency Information (AEI) and “reboot” the historic relationship between broadcasting and public safety.

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Ultra HD and Over The Top (OTT)

NAB is a charter member of the Ultra HD Forum, an organization devoted to aiding the creation and distribution of Ultra HD content. NAB CTO Sam Matheny believes that Ultra HD is really about better storytelling and bringing the state of the art in terms of picture and sound quality. While NAB's participation has much to do with broadcast over the air (OTA) delivery of Ultra HD content, our members are also delivering content via cable, satellite and over the top (OTT).

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Exploring the Effects of Directional Antenna Pattern Bandwidth on All-digital AM Transmissions

AM radio stations around the country are considering a switch to all-digital AM broadcast technology, an option since October 2020 when the all-digital AM service, using the HD Radio digital technology developed by Xperi, was authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). One potential challenge AM broadcasters having directional antenna arrays might face in [...]

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Broadcasters’ Message to FCC: “Trial” an Error for ATSC 3.0

Those seeking the latest update on the progress of NEXTGEN TV broadcasting (also known as ATSC 3.0) need look no further than the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System website, where comments were filed last week in response to the FCC’s Third Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making (FNPRM) on Next Generation Broadcast Television. Released [...]

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