Tips and Tools for Remote Brainstorming

Brainstorming is one of those activities that people either love or hate. Add a pandemic and teams accustomed to generating ideas face-to-face are presented with an additional brainstorming constraint – collaborating remotely in front of a computer screen rather than together in front of a clean white board. I was curious how some of my [...]

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Datacasting for Remote Learning

Given that over-the-air broadcasting continues to be the most efficient way for delivering a piece of content to many receivers (Figure 1), a potential “killer app” for broadcasters is datacasting. There are many types of services that are well-suited for datacasting, such as near video-on-demand (NVOD), targeted advertising, software download or update services. For the [...]

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Brazil Seeks Proposals for its Next Generation Digital TV System

The Brazilian Digital Terrestrial Television System Forum (SBTVD) has released a Call for Proposals (CfP) seeking input for Brazil’s next generation DTV system, dubbed the “TV 3.0 Project.” The SBTVD Forum is an organization that develops norms, standards and technical regulations for the Brazilian Digital Terrestrial TV System. Brazil’s original analog TV system, which started [...]

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Tech Sessions at the 2020 Radio Show

In September 2019, at the Radio Show in Dallas, Texas, “Tech Tuesday” debuted with an all-day program featuring content on the latest developments in radio technology. Shown above is a panel from Tech Tuesday on all-digital AM, moderated by David Layer, NAB, and featuring Russ Mundschenk, Xperi, and Dave Kolesar, Hubbard Broadcasting. While this year’s [...]

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Enhancing GPS Location Accuracy with ATSC 3.0

ATSC 3.0, the underlying standard for Next Generation TV, could be used to enhance GPS location accuracy, and the enhancement feature could enable a nationwide service. Accuracy of GPS location, when computed solely by the satellite signal measurements, is about three meters in most cases. The GPS location is computed using the range from each [...]

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Broadcast Audio in a Pandemic

Most broadcast technology professionals are well acquainted with the evolution of live audio connections within our industry. From dial-up telephone lines to dedicated analog and then digital point-to-point connections, through switched digital and cellular services and ultimately to IP—including the public internet and mobile connections to it—live audio feeds have continuously expanded their range of [...]

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