Converting to IP-based TV Production

Michael Davies is the SVP of Field & Technical Operations for FOX Sports. He and his team manage all aspects of production planning for FOX Sports’ national broadcast and cable productions, headlined by soccer, NFL, MLB, college sports, motor sports and golf. IP is the new black magic in the media industry. It [...]

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Proceeding with the 2020 NAB BEITC Proceedings

The 2020 Proceedings of the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (BEITC) will have a treasure trove of archived technical content from the NAB Show, which is true every year. This one, however, won’t be like any other Proceedings of the past, which will be explained below. But to fully appreciate the new innovative approach [...]

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The Promise of Voice-Assisted TV

At CES 2020, voice-assistant technology continued to proliferate, fueled significantly by the growth of the internet of things (IoT), but with television also being an important part of this expansion. Among the major players, voice technologies from Amazon, Google and Samsung are being integrated into TVs. To date, these systems assist TV remote control, enabling [...]

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Can Broadcasting Benefit from Neon’s Artificial Humans?

Neon, an independent startup backed by Samsung, showed humanlike computer agents at CES 2020. These digital avatars follow commands, make facial expressions, and can converse with a real human in different languages. Neon calls them artificial humans or NEONs. These are, however, not humanlike physical robots; they are merely realistic, AI-powered 2D avatars displayed on [...]

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BEIT Conference Preview

Now that the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show is over, it’s time to start thinking about the next big tech show in Las Vegas, the NAB’s annual Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology (BEIT) Conference. For those who have attended in the past, this 74th iteration of the event holds some changes from recent tradition. Most notably, [...]

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Maintain Your Tower Lights

The FCC recently issued a $1.13 million fine to (or, more specifically, entered into a “Consent Decree” with) a broadcast group for not properly monitoring and maintaining the lighting on a number of its towers. This is a reminder of how important stations’ tower lighting is, and how seriously the FCC takes violation of the [...]

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