Announcing An “Irregular Newsletter” on Ultra HD

Benjamin Schwarz is the Ultra HD Forum Communications WG Chair. The Ultra HD Forum is proud to announce the arrival of its latest creation, which still needs a christening. As it’s an irregular newsletter on Ultra HD, maybe I’ll suggest that we call it IN-Ultra HD to the committee. Why irregular? Well, because we’ll [...]

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2021 Innovation Challenge Winner: Beam Dynamics

BeamON™ from BEAM Dynamics is a product intelligence platform for broadcast stations. The platform bridges the communication barrier between product owners and manufacturers to help broadcast studios reduce costly downtime on set and extend equipment life cycles.

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2021 Innovation Challenge Winner: Northeastern University

A picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true, then animation is worth tens of thousands of words. Innovation Challenge winning Northeastern University has done research on just how valuable animations are for getting the point of a story across to viewers. Spoiler alert: very valuable. Notheastern’s research shows that animated stories rank high [...]

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Will the History of RDS Repeat Itself for Digital Radio?

Back in 1995, the hot radio technology was the Radio Data System (RDS), a digital subcarrier that can be carried by analog FM signals to provide a low-rate (but super-useful and robust) data broadcasting capability. Eager for its members to sell new radios that support RDS, the Electronic Industries Association (EIA, precursor to the Consumer Technology Association, CTA) launched a program to provide 500 radio stations across the U.S. with RDS encoders to seed the market and break the “chicken or the egg” dilemma that plagues so many new technologies. In return, EIA asked for $5,000 in advertising time per station to explain the capabilities of the new technology.

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BEIT Conference Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

Skip Pizzi is owner and principal at Skip Pizzi Media Consultant LLC. He is a consultant to NAB and manages the 2021 BEIT Conference. The year: 1947. The place: Atlantic City, N.J. The event: The first NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference (BEC)—subsequently renamed the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology (BEIT) Conference—held continuously on an annual [...]

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