Words of Wisdom From the 2019 Innovation Challenge Winners

We are accepting applications for the 2020 PILOT Innovation Challenge from teams who can help broadcasters improve real-time decentralized collaboration. We asked last year’s winners to reflect on their experiences and provide words of wisdom for this year’s applicants. One team called it “a perfect opportunity for a graduate student.” Last year’s challenge asked teams [...]

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Lessons for Broadcasters from 6G

No, that’s not a typo—6G, the future but inevitable step beyond 5G wireless, is a lively topic of research in the technical side of the mobile broadband world. Below are some examples of initial thoughts about the technologies that are likely to underpin 6G and the new services that will be enabled by those 6G [...]

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2020 PILOT Innovation Challenge Focuses on Decentralized Collaboration for Audio/Video Production

Since 2016, PILOT has presented its annual Innovation Challenge, offering awards to teams who best answer specific challenge questions. We’ve taken a slightly different approach this year in response to the pandemic’s impact on remote production. For the 2020 Innovation Challenge we’re looking for working and implementable prototypes that can improve decentralized collaboration for audio/video [...]

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Datacasting: Unlocking the Full Potential of Broadcast

Some of the best advances in telecommunications have been born as a side effect of networks built for other purposes. Perhaps the most brilliant example from the past is text messaging. In 1984, engineers developed a way to use existing telephone signaling paths to transmit short text messages, which would evolve into the Short Messaging [...]

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Using RadioDNS to Power Hybrid Radio

A previous PILOT blog highlighted the introduction of hybrid (over-the-air plus internet) radio receivers in Audi and BMW vehicles in the United States. Both automakers are using technology defined in open technical standards developed by RadioDNS to obtain metadata from broadcasters to enhance the radio listening experience. This blog post includes information on what broadcasters [...]

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Experimenting with Conversational AI Bots Using MindMeld

Many conversational artificial intelligence (AI) bots have been successfully deployed, and they are becoming quite common. Nearly everyone today has used or at least heard of Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri, for example. There are also many other conversational AI bots that can be configured to perform a certain type of task. MindMeld is one [...]

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