CES 2018: What to See and What to Do

With the winter holiday season passed, it means that the annual Consumer Electronics Show is now upon us. CES is a great place to explore the range of the possible in new consumer electronics devices and services. While not all of the exciting new technology will find its way to the marketplace, exploring this event [...]

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Stations, Markets and Standards — what a month for Next Gen TV!

November has been an exciting time in ATSC 3.0 World. A confluence of important public announcements and major industry milestones echoed the growing momentum of broadcasters looking toward the next generation television platform as the next logical step in the evolution of broadcast media. Below is a top-level survey of recent activity in progress toward [...]

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NRSC Activates PI Codes for FM Translators Web Resource

The National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC) has unveiled a new resource for broadcasters that utilize FM translators, providing a unique Radio Data System (RDS) Program Identification (PI) code for every FM translator in the U.S. FM translators have been a source of growth for the radio broadcast industry in recent years. Regulatory efforts such as [...]

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