Tegna owned KING 5 produced the first virtual reality mini doc in local news. The story, Under the Bridge, focused on Tina, a homeless woman who makes her home in an unsanctioned homeless encampment in Seattle known as “The Jungle.”

Experience what it's like to live in a Seattle homeless camp with this 360 video. Tim Durkan Photography teamed up with KING 5's Matt Mrozinski and Toby Rigby to chronicle the struggles of Tina, who makes her home in the Jungle. Control this 360 video with your finger or mouse.

Posted by KING 5 on Thursday, January 19, 2017

Under the Bridge, a 360 mini-doc created by KING 5’s Matt Mrozinski and Toby Rigby, and Tim Durkan Photography.

VR immerses the audience in a story and allows them to experience it for themselves. These qualities make it a powerful medium for journalism. While large media companies like the New York Times, USA Today and Frontline have been experimenting with VR, KING 5’s Under the Bridge is a first for local news. By combining the immersive nature of VR with high quality, community focused journalism, KING 5 is able to report on the issues that matter to its viewers in a compelling way.

You can read more about how KING 5’s experiment with VR in Matt Mrozinski and Toby Rigby’s article on tvnewsstorytellers.com.