Local News VR Mini-doc

Tegna owned KING 5 produced the first virtual reality mini doc in local news. The story, Under the Bridge, focused on Tina, a homeless woman who makes her home in an unsanctioned homeless encampment in Seattle known as “The Jungle.”

Under the Bridge, a 360 mini-doc created by KING 5’s Matt Mrozinski and Toby Rigby, and Tim Durkan Photography.

Why is it important?

VR immerses the audience in a story and allows them to experience it for themselves. These qualities make it a powerful medium for journalism. While large media companies like the New York Times, USA Today and Frontline have been experimenting with VR, KING 5’s Under the Bridge is a first for local news. By combining the immersive nature of VR with high quality, community focused journalism, KING 5 is able to report on the issues that matter to its viewers in a compelling way.

You can read more about how KING 5’s experiment with VR in Matt Mrozinski and Toby Rigby’s article on tvnewsstorytellers.com.

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