Engineering Achievement Awards

Garrison and Cindy Cavell became the first married couple to win the Radio and Television Engineering Achievement Awards respectively.

Cindy, who is the Senior Broadcast Consulting Engineer at Cavell, Mertz & Associates, Inc. also became the first woman to win an NAB Engineering Achievement Award. In her speech, Cindy said she was honored to be the first woman to receive this award, and paid homage to the “many talented women in broadcasting,” who succeeded “…as a result of brains, guts, volume and well placed elbows.”

Cindy Cavell receives the Television Engineering Achievement Award from NAB CEO Gordon Smith (left) and NAB CTO Sam Matheny (Right)

“I won’t be the last [woman to win], since there are now so many talented women in broadcasting,” she said. “There are now tens of thousands of talented women working in broadcast technology… There are so many amazing women in this industry that deserve recognition and I expect to see them on this stage very soon.”

Garisson Cavell accepts the Radio Engineering Achievement Award

Receiving the Radio Engineering Achievement Award, Gary Cavell, the President of Cavell, Mertz & Associates, Inc., talked about the importance of helping the next generation of broadcast engineers. “Every one of us can help influence and support others,” he said, “No one does it alone.”

Sterling K. Brown

Emmy Award winning actor Sterling K. Brown was presented with the NAB Television Chairman’s Award, which recognizes individuals for significant achievement in one or more specific art disciplines in television.

Sterling K. Brown accepts the NAB Television Chairman’s Award

“If I can make people laugh, encourage to them to think, and inspire them to be a better version of themselves, I consider myself blessed to live a life worth living,” said Sterling. He also thanked the broadcasters for “what you do to improve the lives of your viewers and listeners every day.”

Ajit Pai

The FCC Commissioner also spoke at the We Are Broadcasters celebration, and pledged his support for broadcasters. “As long as I am chairman of the FCC,” he said, “you will have a friend at the agency.”

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai


The Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference continued with more innovations, solutions and discussions.