The NAB Show in April of this year featured Next Gen TV in numerous ways, including a showcase on the main concourse, a pavilion in North Hall, a live broadcast from Black Mountain, and of course our demonstrations of the prototype PILOT home gateway. The amazing collection of technologies that are embedded in the new standard were on full display:  from advanced emergency alerting to high efficiency video codecs to immersive audio to t-commerce via HTML5 applications.

As CTO, I spend most of my time focused on the technical bits and bytes associated with the standard, but tech for tech’s sake, while fun, doesn’t pay the bills.  And, Next Gen TV has broad support from business leaders across the broadcast, consumer electronics and technology industries. These leaders see the opportunity to better serve their communities while also generating new revenue streams for their companies.

In this short video, we hear from many of them about their ideas for the future, the role Next Gen TV can play, and how they hope to leverage the new standard in their operations.