Hot off the presses: 11th edition NAB Engineering Handbook now available!

On behalf of the NAB, I am pleased to announce the availability of the 11th edition of the NAB Engineering Handbook. Broadcast consultant Gary Cavell served as editor-in-chief with associate editors Tom Osenkowsky (consultant), David Layer (NAB), Skip Pizzi (NAB), and Bill Hayes (Iowa Public TV). Get your copy now New topics in the 11th edition include Ultra High Definition Television, Internet Radio Interfacing and Streaming, ATSC 3.0, Digital Audio Compression Techniques, Digital Television Audio Loudness Management, and Video Format and Standards Conversion. Important updates have been made to incumbent topics such as AM, Shortwave, FM and Television Transmitting Systems, Studio Lighting, Cameras, and Principles of Acoustics. As you can tell from the edition number (11!), the NAB Engineering Handbook [...]

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