2019 NAB Technology Award Nominations

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NAB Technology Awards

The nominations for the 2019 NAB Technology awards are open. The Radio and Television Engineering Achievement Awards are presented to individuals for their outstanding accomplishments in the radio or television broadcast industry, respectively. The Digital Leadership Award honors an individual at a broadcast station, group or network who has transformed a traditional broadcast business to succeed on digital media platforms. NAB’s Technology Innovation Award is presented to an organization showing an advanced technology exhibit or demonstration at the NAB Show that has not yet been commercialized. Finally, the Best Paper Award honors the author(s) of a paper of exceptional merit that is published in the Proceedings of the 2019 Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference, held each year as part of the NAB Show.

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2018 Winners

Roger Keating

Digital Leadership Award Winner

Roger Keating joined Hearst Television in 2008, overseeing the company’s growing digital media unit and leading product development, business development and corporate development. Keating’s portfolio also includes serving as the first chairman of Pearl TV, leadership in the Dyle mobile DTV project, support of the NAB SPROCKIT program and most recently his leadership in the launch of NewsON, the mobile-only app for local news aggregation.

Mark Aitken

NAB Television Engineering Achievement Award Winner

Mark Aitken continues to be a dynamic leader in the development of Next Gen TV. He joined Sinclair Broadcast Group in 1999 and became VP of advanced technology in 2011. He has been involved in the broadcast industry’s migration to advanced services, including participation in the FCC Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service, involvement in ATSC including chairing the specialist group on mobile DTV, and with the formation of Sinclair’s joint venture ONE Media, serving as its President.

Tom Jones

Radio Engineering Achievement Award Winner

Tom Jones is the president of Carl T. Jones Corporation and has been actively serving the broadcast industry as a consulting engineer for nearly 40 years. Jones joined his father’s engineering firm as a senior engineer in 1979 and became a full partner in 1983, rising to his current role as president in 1985. He has managed hundreds of complex broadcast engineering projects, served on industry and government advisory committees and has been heavily involved in the development of the Method Moments analysis for AM directional arrays and more recently the AM revitalization effort.

Clay Freinwald

Service to Broadcast Engineering Achievement Award Winner

Clay Freinwald began his broadcast engineering career in 1961 and has held various technical positions at numerous stations and station groups, including Tacoma News Tribune, Viacom and Entercom. He is a Fellow in the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) and is a founding member of the Broadcast Warning Working Group, helping broadcasters and others understand and implement EAS technology. Freinwald has served as chairman of the Washington State EAS Committee for over 20 years and chaired the SBE EAS Committee for a decade

Yuko Yamanouchi

NAB Best Paper Award

The NAB Best Paper Award was accepted by project lead Yuko Yamanouchi from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) for her paper AI Driven Smart Production. The paper lays out in understandable but complete detail NHK’s innovative research showing the utility of various Artificial Intelligence techniques in TV production, from using big data and social media analysis to improve breaking news stories, to facial recognition in programs to identify actors. Yuko’s co-wrote the paper with Jun Goto, Yoshihiko Kawai, Takahiro Mochizuki, Shoei Sato, Atsushi Imai, all from NHK.

Convergence TV

Technology Innovation Award

Convergence TV is a collaborative research project dealing with the development, validation and commercialization of a new distribution solution for linear and non-linear TV contents. The project is powered by it’s partners TeamCast (lead), ATEME, Broadpeak, Motion Spell, TDF, INSA-IETR and Telecom Paristeh. Convergence TV received the Technology Innovation Award for demonstrating ATSC 3.0 transmission of UHDTV using scalable coding over hybrid broadcast and broadcast paths.