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  • Giving Your FAST Channels a Leg Up Using SCTE Technologies   - $15

    Date: April 3, 2024
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    SCTE has a set of Technical and Engineering Emmy winning technologies that can be carried through to IPTV streaming manifest technologies including DASH and HLS. Popular FAST services use a manifest driven streaming technology dependent on its ad revenues through a simple ad replacement approach. It has a high-volume demand, but its ARPU is low compared with other services. To increase its revenues, FAST services need to expand to other streaming platforms and to utilize more sophisticated ad strategies. SCTE technologies can provide this and scale the deployment of these services through utilizing the SPN information in SCTE 224 to create audience-based manifests that can integrate with manifest manipulators/SSAI systems while reducing its amount of decisioning within it to support syndication and more complicated ad techniques.

    Yasser Syed | Comcast Cable, Comcast CTS | Philadelphia, Pa., United States
    Stuart Kurkowski | Comcast Cable, Comcast CTS | Philadelphia, Pa., United States