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  • A Framework for Efficient Data Scripting in High-Volume Sports Graphics Workflows - $15

    Date: April 3, 2024
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    Data is at the heart of storytelling for broadcasters across the world of sports. Through powerful data APIs, broadcasters can access and integrate massive volumes of real-time data into their on-air graphics, enabling stats-driven analysis and automated graphic updates. However, effective maintenance and integration of such high volumes of data can prove difficult from an IT and manual design perspective. This paper outlines how a scripting framework – leveraging open-source, high-performance scripting tools – can provide superior flexibility in secure IT environments and eliminate the need for repetitive design to utilize data in different presentation scenarios.

    Nikole McStanley | Chyron | Tampa, Fl., United States
    David Mayer | Chyron | Apex, N.C., United States
    Dan MacDonald | Chyron | Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • HDR-SDR conversion: Live HDR Single Master Production Conversion Interoperability Challenges - $15

    Date: April 3, 2024
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    Live production workflows, particularly those for sports, employ complex pipelines to deliver HD, UHD, SDR, and HDR video streams. Because content originates as HDR or SDR, effective and flexible conversions are required between formats. A growing number of live sport events are today produced in a HDR single-master workflow, where conversions are still required at production stage and HDR to SDR down-conversion is necessary at distribution side. An emerging challenge is about ensuring operational knowledge to secure proper use of conversion tools and to improve interoperability between different solutions such as static and dynamic conversions. This paper discusses the challenge and evaluation consensus. A generic solution is proposed, based on metadata to improve workflows efficiency while providing premium HDR and SDR contents.

    David Touze | InterDigital R&D France | Rennes, France
    Frederic Plissonneau | InterDigital R&D France | Rennes, France
    Patrick Morvan | InterDigital R&D France | Rennes, France
    Laurent Cauvin | InterDigital R&D France | Rennes, France
    Valerie Allie | InterDigital R&D France | Rennes, France