A Comparison of Video Encoders across H.264, HEVC and VVC 

Published On: April 3, 2024Categories: ,

There are a seemingly ever-increasing number of codecs available to be used, but the codec itself only sets the permitted methods that an encoder can use. Real-world encoders are specific implementations of codecs, and the way they are implemented makes a significant difference to the bitrate efficiency. So, comparing encoder implementations is more revealing than comparing theoretical encoders and this paper focuses on real-time live encoding, using encoders that are configured to evaluate this operating point. This paper examines the performance of actual implementations of codecs in real encoders, highlighting how they compare and how they may develop over future years, covering AVC (H.264), HEVC (H.265), VVC (H.266) and AV1. The specific encoders compared in this study are: x264, x265, SVT-AV1, VVenC, AVC and HEVC using SG1 and MediaKind’s current implementations of AVC, HEVC and VVC, as examples of commercial encoders with performance optimizations.

Tony Jones | MediaKind | Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Remi Houdaille | MediaKind | Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Matthieu Muller | MediaKind | Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom


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