Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’s Rising Potential to Transform Transcription and Translation for Media Editing

Published On: April 3, 2024Categories: ,

Dialog in a language unfamiliar to an editor poses obvious challenges during the media editing process. It is nearly impossible to edit without clear comprehension of the underlying language. Through a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning improvements in recent years, editing material in a language other than one’s native tongue is within reach. Automatic Speech Recognition, Translation, Speech to Text, and Voice Cloning can be combined in the editorial process with existing non-AI technologies such as captioning and media relinking to enable editing of material that otherwise would not have been possible. In addition to technical solutions, ethical concerns and the responsible use of AI concerning Voice Cloning are addressed.

Randy Fayan | Avid Technology | Burlington, Mass, United States
Rob Gonsalves | Avid Technology | Burlington, Mass, United States


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