ENG & DoD: Update On 2 GHz Sharing

Published On: April 14, 2023Categories: ,

Broadcasters’ spectrum is valuable. In the run-up to the AWS-3 auction, Congress, NAB, SBE, the Pentagon, NTIA, and the FCC reached a handshake agreement to share the band 2025–2110 MHz, provided broadcasters and the military could reach agreement on the technical details. As a result, nearly $45 billion was raised from auction of spectrum freed by military and other Federal users. In May 2022, DoD, NAB, and SBE concluded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that allows routine military access for terrestrial and airborne systems at certain locations as well as procedures for coordinated access at other locations. Bench and field testing were conducted of compatibility between military and ENG systems to determine sharing parameters. Technical negotiations have set interference thresholds and coordination mechanisms. A web-based system for tracking military frequency coordination requests has been implemented. This paper summarizes the current state of ENG/Military spectrum sharing in this band.

Robert J. Russell | Technical Broadcast Solutions Inc. | Dover, Delaware, United States
Robert D. Weller | National Association of Broadcasters | Washington, District of Columbia, United States


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