This ATSC 3.0 audience measurement software package has three modules: (1) the cloud data and visualization software; (2) test harness (ATSC 3.0 simulators) to test the software; and (3) add-on but optional advanced analytics capabilities using Tableau. Please refer to the pdf documents in the NAB Distributed Server and NAB Group-Direct Client directories to learn more about the modules.

NAB Server Code Directory

This software enables measurement through the published API.  Features include secure connection setup, measurement, message parsing, cloud storage, encryption, and data visualization on a dashboard.  The API calls outlined in NAB_API.pdf file can be traced in /NAB Distributed Server/NAB Server Code/routes/router/dataroute.js file.

NAB JMeter Scripts Directory

This software is the test harness for the audience measurement software. The Apache JMeter scripts instantiate simulated ATSC 3.0 devices that make the API calls and post data to the cloud server.  The GUI is run by /NAB Distributed Server/NAB JMeter Scripts/apache-jmeter-5.0/bin jmeter.bat file.

NAB Tableau Workbooks Directory

Advanced-analytics, implemented with Tableau, are optional ad-on features to the user’s dashboard.  A Tableau license is required for this feature.

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