Scripps Acquires podcast company Midroll

In July 2015, Scripps acquired Midroll Media, a leading podcasting company, to accelerate leadership in the spoken word and audio streaming space.

Midroll Media is a major player in the podcast space and operates a major sponsorship network that helps monetize more than 200 shows, including “StartUp” and “Nerdist.” Midroll finds creative content and business strategies that already have helped define the importance of podcasting. Midroll and Scripps also share a commitment to journalism and storytelling that informs and enlightens as well as entertains.


Why it’s important?

Podcasting has emerged from the relentless evolution of the media marketplace as one of the best new platforms to build organically grown audiences and revenue streams. This is indicative of Scripps’ intent to act boldly and lead as media develops on the platforms seeing high growth.

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